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Thank you for your question. There are many book clubs presently meeting at various Sarasota County libraries. Many are hosted by the Friends of the Library of that particular library, or some may be library programs, staffed by library employees or their designees.

Most books are picked 6 months up to a year ahead of time, and are based upon bestseller lists or topics of interest to the group or facilitator. If you'd like to have your book considered for a group discussion, you may contact someone with the Adult Programming dept. of the library you are interested in, who can in turn pass the message on to the appropriate party. Currently there is no system-wide coordination of these book clubs.

The Sarasota County Library System does have an Adult Services Coordinator who regularly communicates with the Adult programmers in the system. Her name is Ellen India and you may contact her at, and she will gladly forward your information on to the Adult Programming Committee if you'd like to be considered for an Author talk.

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