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Frozen Holds
Freezing a hold means that your position in the hold queue is skipped over until the hold is unfrozen.

Freezing a hold allows you to time the arrival of some of your holds to a more convenient time for you.

For example, if you are going out of town and want to make sure the item you've been waiting for doesn't come in while you're away, freeze the hold. Or, if a requested item has become available for you, and you'd rather not have your other holds arrive until after you've finished with it, freeze those holds.

How to freeze a hold:

1. Log in to My Account with your library card barcode and PIN. (NOTE: Freezing and unfreezing a hold can only be done by you; library staff do not have access to freeze or unfreeze your requests.)

2. When you log in, click on requests (holds) on the left side of the screen.

3. Holds eligible for freezing will display a checkbox in the column labeled Freeze on the far right side of your hold list.   

4. To freeze a hold, place a check in the corresponding checkbox on the right. Then click Update List found either at the top or the bottom of your hold list.

5. When asked if you'd like to proceed with cancelling or updating, click Yes to continue. (If you have any doubt that you selected Freeze, click No to return without making a change, and start again at step 3.)

6. Holds that have been frozen will appear in your list of holds in smaller text and covered by icicles. Also, the Freeze column on the far right will contain a checkmark for each frozen hold.

How to unfreeze a hold:

1. Locate the frozen hold you'd like to unfreeze. Click the checkmark in the Freeze column to remove it.

2. Click Update List.

3. Click Yes to confirm that you'd like to proceed with cancelling or updating. (Click No to return to your list without making a change.)

4. The unfrozen hold will appear in a larger font and will no longer be covered with icicles.

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