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Sarasota County resident library cards expire every two years to help keep accounts current.  To renew your library card, please visit one of our library branches or call (941) 861-1110 during regular library business hours with your library card number to speak with library staff. 

That way, we can verify your account details (such as your address, phone number, email) in a way that helps promote your privacy (due to the Florida Sunshine Law). 

Renewals of library cards are environmentally friendly, too!  You can keep the same library card number and use the same card, once it's renewed.

Non-resident and reciprocal borrowers' library cards are also renewable when their respective terms have expired. Here's more information about our library card policy.

Comments (6)

  1. You did not answer the question. Please try again. "Can I renew on line or do I need to come to the library?"
    by Robert Kellaway on Sep 05, 2016.
  2. You can renew your library card in person and over the phone, but not online. Please call (941) 861-1110.
    by Deirdre on Sep 21, 2018.
  3. People should be able to renew their cards online. If you already have a library card you are in the system and you can individualize your info with the number of your card. Thank you!
    by Erika Moczydlower on Apr 03, 2020.
  4. To clarify, you can go to our Ask Us! Portal ( to find information about the library system and our resources and services. However, due to the Sunshine Law, you should call or visit a Sarasota County library (once the libraries have reopened) to renew your library card rather than using the Ask Us! Portal to renew your library card in order to keep your information private. For more information on the Sunshine Law, please visit this page on the Florida Office of the Attorney General’s website:
    by Anna Kate Tippett - Sarasota County Libraries on Apr 16, 2020.
  5. Can I renew a digital library card?
    by Lilly on Feb 12, 2021.
  6. Hi Lilly, thank you for your question! Digital library cards cannot be renewed, but we can change your digital card into a regular library card. This can be done in person at any of our branches or by calling us at 941-861-1110. Your library card number will change, but you will still be able to access all of our digital resources, including ebooks, and we can get any ebooks or eaudiobooks you currently have on hold or checked out with your digital library card moved over to your new regular library card.
    by Anna Kate Tippett - Sarasota County Libraries on Feb 16, 2021.

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